It’s no surprise that pet-owners value nutrition. It is in our own nature as humans to prefer quality foods, so why for our pets would we want anything less?

How many times have you heard the phrase, “eat your vegetables, or no dessert for you until you clean your plate?” I would venture to say that you’ve heard these lines cross the lips of a loved one once or twice when you were a child. After all, teaching healthy food habits early on can make all the difference. Food is a life source for you, for me, and thus, our pets.

It’s easy to become increasingly overwhelmed by the options of dog food that line the shelves, but with an understanding of the nutrients that make up the food, a decision can more easily be made. Essentially, much like humans, a dog’s diet is to contain: water, protein, fat, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. There’s kibble, canned, raw, homemade, and the list goes on. Often, certain diets are chosen based on increasing the nutrients that become comprised due to digestive issues or chronic conditions. Also, younger dogs typically require a larger number of calories, whereas older dogs are at an age where a lower-calorie, higher fiber diet is needed.

Choosing the right nutritional plan for your dog is a very personalized decision that must consider the individual owner’s lifestyle and affordability, among other things. The nice thing about a diet, however, is that it is always evolving. What you’re feeding your dog today can change at the owner’s discretion – and that’s a valuable thing. Sometimes trying different brands or integrating a canned food with kibble, or even alternating between bone broth toppers for additional nutrients and health, can really come to show you just what it is that your pet does best on. For instance, bone broth aids in digestive health, liver detox, immune system support, reduced inflammation, and healthy joints and bones.

Hungry Hound is a proud supporter of many nutritional options and one of which is a local, licensed pet food company called, Always Real Food (ARF). Based out of Crown Point, IN, ARF follows the AAFCO nutritional guidelines and is founded on the principles of “hand-selected, hand-crafted, and hand-packed” ingredients. The founder, Rebecca James, states, “Bone broth is not created equal. In the ARF Kitchen, we make bone broth the old-fashioned way: cooked low and slowly, using free range, non-GMO turkey bones. The result is a gelatinous, golden bone broth that’s rich in gelatin, protein, vitamins and minerals. It’s wonderful for your dog’s coat, skin, gut health, bones and joints. It’s super beneficial for dogs with arthritis, allergies, and digestive problems.”

Whoever said that humans are the only ones that can be in a turkey coma on Thanksgiving Day!?