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If you're trying to find a pet groomer in St John, IN, then look no further than Hungry Hound Boutique & Grooming. Our certified dog groomers deliver individualized service with a tender touch to get your pet looking and feeling their absolute best. We groom all breeds of dogs. Regardless if your dog needs a quick bath and teeth brushing session, or it's time for a little bit of extra pampering, our faithful crew is here to assist with each one of your wishes for pet grooming. We offer a sanitary, safe, and cheerful area to clean your dog. 

Gourmet Dog Treats

Come check out our selection of gourmet dog treats!

Local Delivery

At Hungry Hound Boutique & Grooming, we are proud to provide speedy, professional delivery services near St John. Simply reach out to us at (219) 365-5543 to place your shipment. For an added benefit, ask us about establishing a recurring delivery. 

Nutritional Counseling

Our {pets|animals}' {diet|daily diet|nutrition} is {extremely|incredibly|very|tremendously} important to their {overall|general|total|long-term} {health|health and wellness|wellness|health and well-being}. At Hungry Hound Boutique & Grooming, our {pet|animal} nutrition {counseling|guidance|advice} in St John {aims|strives} to empower {pet|animal} {owners|lovers} to provide their {pets|animals} with a high-quality diet {throughout|through|over the course of|during the course of} each {phase|stage|period} of life. Proper {diet|nutrition|nourishment} can {help with|help improve|help reduce} many {health|medical|health-related} {issues|problems|concerns} including; food intolerances, pet food allergies, {excessive|substantial|significant|increased} weight gain or {weight loss|weight reduction|weight management}, nutritional {deficiencies|insufficiencies}, {pet|animal} diabetes, skin and coat {disorders|conditions|problems|ailments|afflictions}, {kidney|renal|renal system} disease, irritable bowel syndrome, and poor immune response. Nutritional {requirements|demands|needs} for {dogs|pups} and {cats|kitties} vary {because of|due to|as a result of} many {factors|aspects} {such as|like|including} {age|life stage}, size, breed, {exercise|activity|physical activity} levels, {health|overall health|physical health}, and more, {therefore|as a result|consequently|thus|subsequently}, a one-size-fits-all {approach|strategy|solution} to nutrition will not {work|do the job|be effective}. {We|Our team|Our staff} can {counsel|advise} you on which {foods|types of foods|food choices} will be {appropriate|suitable|ideal} {based on|based upon|according to} your {pet|animal}'s {needs|requirements|demands|necessities}, {amount|quantity} to feed, and what to {look for|search for|seek out|look out for} on {pet|animal} food labels. {Call|Contact|Phone} us to set up a nutrition {consultation|assessment|appointment|evaluation} for your pet.

Dog Training

Hungry Hound Boutique & Grooming is a professional dog obedience training provider in St John. We specialize in, obedience training, and puppy training. Our dog trainers are certified professionals that focus on dealing with behavioral matters free from the use of fear, pain, or intimidation so pets will enjoy the learning experience and retain their knowledge. Schedule an appointment request on our site or call us at (219) 365-5543 with any questions.

Mobile Grooming

Mobile grooming is a convenient way to get your dog groomed right in your driveway. We have a fully equipped mobile grooming van ready to provide all the same services that we offer at our in-store grooming salon. The best part, our mobile grooming service takes less time and is less stressful for you. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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