Like many of our clients at Hungry Hound, Gypsy is an allergy dog. Her story is not different from many that you may have seen on the internet or on Facebook. But, Gypsy is special to us at Hungry Hound. Her (human) parents found her when she was just 5 weeks old – wandering the streets. They immediately adopted her and started caring for her.

Gypsy was even welcomed by her cat and dog siblings; this black lab mix was soon part of the family. That family quickly realized that Gypsy was an allergy dog. Itching and scratching ALL the time. What better way to treat an allergy than first looking at her diet? Not only did she need grain, potato and corn-free food – but she was PICKY! (Doesn’t that always happen?) Her parents changed her diet to keep her from scratching all night long. Everyone was happy (and healthy).

All was good until her parents fell on hard times. Her adopted mom is currently on disability and her dad has been out of work. They had no other choice but to go to Kibble Kitchen to get food for Gypsy. Great organizations like Kibble Kitchen make it possible for bowls to never be empty – but their selection is limited. Kibble Kitchen  posted a photo of Gypsy on their Facebook page where we found it! Together with Kibble Kitchen and Nutrisca, we have since sponsored Gypsy. Gypsy has also been in for grooming at our Hobart location. And. Loved. It! We have found another happy client.

We will keep you posted on Gypsy, as stated before, she is a picky eater and we are still trying to find her favorite proteins. For more information about Kibble Kitchen or to donate visit their website. There are a number of other dogs and cats that have special needs that are relying on people like you to donate food or time.