Hey there, frosty-pawed pals and fellow dog enthusiasts! As winter blankets us in its chilly embrace, it's the perfect time to cozy up, sip some cocoa, and work on fine-tuning those training skills with our furry companions. Yup, you heard that right—winter is a great time for some indoor dog training fun! So, grab those treats and let's dive into some paw-some winter training tips for our beloved pups. 

Mental Gymnastics: Winter is the perfect season to flex those mental muscles! Try puzzle toys or interactive games that challenge your pup's mind. From treat-dispensing toys to hide-and-seek games, these brain-teasers will keep your furry Einstein engaged and entertained. 

Weather-Proof Recall: Recall training is essential, no matter the season. Practice different commands that have already been trained indoors using training treats (that you can pick up from the closest Hungry Hound!). Use the training treats as positive reinforcement when your pup illustrates the correct behavior. If they don’t, use this opportunity to reteach them anything they may have forgotten!  

Winter Wear Basics: Speaking of training, if your pup isn't a fan of winter gear, use this time for positive reinforcement! Introduce boots or jackets slowly, pairing the experience with treats and praise. With time and patience, your pup might strut their stuff in winter fashion like a runway model! 

Teach all Dogs New Tricks!: To keep your furry friend entertained, you could teach them something new like how to roll over. First, make sure your dog knows how to lay down. Once that’s taught, have your dog lay down and put a treat next to their nose, and move it to the side of their head, then towards their shoulder to encourage them to lie on their side. Make sure to continue praising and giving them rewards when they do. Practice lots, and then move on! Once your dog has this down, move the treat from their shoulder towards their backbone. Hopefully they’ll roll on their back, then move the treat so they roll onto the other side. Give them the treat and praise them, and keep practicing. Eventually add the command “Roll over”. Remember, these things take time. It should be done in small stages so they understand what to do.  

Remember, winter training sessions should always end on a positive note. Whether it's with a favorite game, belly rubs, or a treat, make sure your pup feels like the superstar they are for all their hard work. Until next time, happy training and stay warm!