As the temperature drops and chilly weather takes over, it’s important to keep a focus on your pet’s well-being and safety. Just as the weather influences us, the cold temperatures can affect their mood, activity level, health and beyond. Here are a few tips we’ve found to help keep your dog happy and safe this winter!

Make sure your pet is properly fueled. It takes extra energy for your dog to stay warm in the winter months, the more time they spend outside the more energy they expend. Be sure to pay attention to these factors and be prepared to potentially increase feedings to compensate!

Protect their paws! Salt and ice on the ground can be damaging to your pet’s paws. Be sure to wipe down their paws thoroughly after walks and time spent outside. There are also several paw protection products on the market that you can use to prep their paws ahead of time (who doesn’t love a new pair of boots?!).

Cover up! If you have a short haired, smaller dog, it’s recommended to get them a jacket or sweater of some kind for outdoor activities. For longer haired dogs and those that get groomed regularly, keep their coats slightly longer in winter months to help them stay warm.

Don’t eat the snow! Though your pup may love playing in the snow, be cautious about them ingesting it. Snow can be the perfect place for hidden objects and chemicals that can be dangerous to your pets!

If in doubt, bring them in! If there’s any level of concern that the weather could be harmful to your pet, bring them indoors!