A Raw diet is the most biologically appropriate diet for a dog or cat. Why? Because it's not highly processed and closely mimics the diets of their ancestors. Since a raw diet isn’t highly processed, it is full of live probiotics, amino acids, antioxidants, and many more beneficial nutrients. A diet such as kibble is missing many of these benefits due to the amount of processing involved.

Below are the benefits of feeding a biologically appropriate balanced raw diet:

-       A leaner more muscular build

-       Cleaner, healthier ears

-       Fresher breath and cleaner teeth

-       Less shedding, healthier coat, and skin

-       Less waste (My dogs only poop once a day, and it’s much smaller!)

-       Improved digestion

-       Picky eaters? Say no more!

-       Solves most allergy issues

The list of the benefits of raw can go on forever! If you’re interested in finding a brand to start with, here are a few amazing companies and their benefits.

Answers Pet Food 

Answers Pet Food is fermented and formulated to create a healthy gut. Fermentation supports healthy immune function by increasing the B-vitamins, digestive enzymes, antioxidants, and lactic acid that fight off harmful bacteria. It's also the ultimate source of probiotics. Answer’s pet food is also a very cost-effective raw since you will feed less of it than other brands! Answers Pet Food is also made with all organic and pasture-raised meats, organs, and bone. They include superfoods to give your pet optimal nourishment as well.

Small Batch Pet Foods

Small Batch focuses on humanely raised and harvested meats. All their vegetables and herbs are certified organic. They use absolutely no synthetic vitamins. All of their vitamins/minerals are pure - the way nature intended!

Northwest Naturals

Northwest Naturals uses only the highest quality manufacturing and ingredients. They have many different proteins you can rotate with, and they also come in a bulk option if you have large or multiple pets!

Primal Pet Foods

Primal Pet Foods is made in California and all their meats are humanely raised. Organic fruits and vegetables are also used in this food. They also have many different proteins you can rotate with including rabbit!

Stella & Chewy’s

The meats in their proteins are always grass-fed, cage-free, wild-caught, farm-raised, and responsibly sourced from trusted partners! They never use any artificial preservatives, colors, or flavors in any recipe. Plus, most of the names for their diets are too cute! (Ex: “Duck Duck Goose and Tantalizing Turkey”)

Each and every one of the brands we carry is absolutely amazing, and we make sure they are safe and completely balanced before they even come into our stores! I can tell you that all my dogs eat a raw diet, and I rotate brands and flavors each time I buy! This gives so much variety since each brand has different benefits to offer.