When Doody Calls


By Diane Krueger


Nothing can ruin a walk with your dog like stepping in poop left by another dog. Picking up after our dogs is not the most pleasant of tasks we undertake as pet parents, often wondering just who is the higher lifeform since they don’t have to pick up after us, but it is a basic rule of respect to the property, the other owners and the other dogs. Not to mention, picking up after your dog is sanitary and helps minimize the transfer of parasites and other bacteria found in canine waste. 


A lot of us though are re-using our plastic shopping bags as poop bags. And while they are convenient and free, they are not the best choice for environment. It can take hundreds (yes, hundreds) of years for plastic bags to breakdown in a landfill. And when those plastic bags are just casually tossed aside, they frequently end up in lakes, rivers and oceans which can have devastating effects on the marine wildlife.


Products like Earth Rated Dog Poop Bags are made with recycled materials (even the cardboard center) and are sturdy and leak-proof. They are available in scented, unscented and compostable. Modern Kanine’s durable bags come in a variety of color combinations and are scented too, which helps mask that not so great smell. And while these poop bags may not be free like your plastic shopping bags, they are super affordable (when you break it down it’s pennies a bag).


Here’s hoping courtesy and respect prevail on your next walk and that all owners will pick up after their dogs when doody calls.