It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! Really though, isn’t it? I love how this time of year and the holidays can bring so much happiness and joy. Especially when this weather can be just downright depressing. This time of year also means GIFTS! If you give gifts to your friends and families pets as I do, then I have a few pointers before you run to a pet store.

FIRST and FOREMOST, I know they look cute, they are even holiday-themed, and maybe even incredibly cheap, but let’s all remember the golden rule…if it’s that cheap, there’s probably a reason why! If you don’t know what I’m talking about yet, it’s RAWHIDES. They come in all kinds of colors and designs to make you want to buy them for the holidays. There is a reason Hungry Hound does not and will never carry rawhides. Why should we stay away from them?

  1. Rawhides are chemically processed. They are made with cow skin that is soaked in formaldehyde and bleached, packed with chemicals and preservatives.


  1. Dogs CANNOT digest rawhides, which leads to choking and blockages.


  1. Contrary to popular belief, rawhides do not clean their teeth at all.


  1. The dyes used for the holidays make it even more dangerous.


Rawhides are one of the most life-threatening chews on the market. I know what you’re asking: if they are so bad, then how are they being sold? The answer is: because they keep being bought. Also, I think we can all agree, there are a lot of things that are incredibly unsafe being sold in many places. It’s up to us to educate ourselves. It is absolutely best to stay away from rawhides as much as possible. What can you get instead that’s safe?


  1. Bully Sticks


  1. Tendons


  1. Earth Animal No-Hides (A GREAT alternative to rawhides. They are extremely similar, but 100% different when it comes to ingredients. They even come in holiday flavors!)


These are just a few options. Anything in our store will be completely safe to gift for the holidays. So don’t let those bright colors and cheap chews fool you this season!


What are some other great, safe options to gift for the holiday?! At Hungry Hound, the holidays are our jam! We love them just as much as you, and we go crazy! If you haven’t seen our bakery section, then you’re truly missing out. Our cookies are a PERFECT idea for gifts for the holidays. They are Christmas-themed, cute, and healthy! Who doesn’t love a cute holiday cookie!? We also have cute holiday attire, from bandanas and bows to Santa’s Helper PJ’s!


The bottom line is: don’t let those gross rawhides fool you this season, there are SO many cheap, safer, healthier options than rawhides. Stop on into any of our stores, and we would be THRILLED to help you choose and pick some fun, safe, creative gifts this year!