Could you imagine eating the same old dry, brown, crunchy pieces of food every day of your life? It would probably become pretty boring, and maybe some days you really don’t want to eat because there HAS to be something better and tastier out there. Most dogs, this is their everyday life. I’m here to tell your pup not to give up! You get to switch up your food every day right? Well, your dog should be doing the same. Allergies can actually develop over time if fed the same thing every day. On top if this, your dog should be eating something that is actually healthy and nutritious, something that’s really going to benefit the body. If you wish you could make your dog food every day because you feel bad seeing them eat the same pieces of kibble over and over, but can’t find the time to cook for your pet? The Honest Kitchen has you covered!

The Honest Kitchen is a dehydrated food that gently removes the moisture from their whole food ingredients. While still maintaining all of the vitamins and minerals by using real fruits and vegetables and lean meats. Did I mention they are a 100% Human grade food? I’ll be quite honest. I know because I tried it. It really isn’t that bad! The Honest Kitchen goes above and beyond when it comes to the quality of their ingredients. You can feed this food knowing you pet is getting exactly what they need. The green peas go in green…and come out GREEN! Unlike other foods where you can’t even tell what is what. You can see all the ingredients in the food. The bananas, the coconut, the parsley. It’s absolutely amazing. All you do is add water, wait a few minutes, serve, and watch your pet eat like he’s never eaten before. It can be used as a food topper as well. The Honest Kitchen comes in a few different flavors so you can mix it up!

-Cage Free Turkey

-Free Range Chicken

-Ranch Raised Beef

-Wild Caught Fish

-Cage Free Duck

They have many different recipes too!

The Honest Kitchen is a HUGE hit in my house, I love seeing how excited my dogs are to eat this food. They literally can’t stop wiggling their butts as I prepare it!