We see it all the time. Stressed out dogs because they don’t like grooming. Sometimes, the behavior of a dog can change dramatically when the owner is away and their dog is as sweet as can be, but that’s not always the case. Use these tips to help turn your furry-friends experience into a pleasant one. And if all else fails we also recommend a number of our all natural calming treats and chews. These can help an overly-excited dog in a number of situations.

Destress in the car – this is where a calming chew may come in handy. Not all dogs like car rides.

Get your dog used to being groomed – prep your dog in a calming environment to be touched. On the ears, paws, even sensitive spots. You can even use a reward when your dog behaves calmly to touching.

Visit our store with your pooch when he/she is not being groomed – you don’t want your pooch to always be scared of the “dreaded groomer.” We have plenty of dogs that come in for visits that are not being groomed.

Exercise your dog before your visit – encourage your dog to potty and play before your visit. Relaxed dogs are usually the ones who have played and really got their energy out before their visit.