Get Smart! Pet Tech in 2019  

By Diane Krueger

Whether we like it or not, technology keeps us connected to pretty much anything and everything 24/7. Smart devices have infiltrated almost every aspect of our lives, which is why it makes total sense that smart technology is gaining in popularity for pet care too. From digital daycare to fitness trackers to pet beds, smart technology can be found in a host of products that allows us to learn more in-depth info about our pets’ health and well-being and hopefully provide the best care possible.

Pet cams, like nanny cams, are nothing new. But the features they offer nowadays help ease the separation anxiety for you and your pet. Cameras, like PetChatz HD, aren’t just cameras anymore. This bad boy has a two-way video camera that lets you video chat with your furry friend, kind of like FaceTime for pets. In addition, it comes with a built-in treat dispenser, a calming aromatherapy mister and can stream a TV service geared directly to your dog (although this feature does have fee), all of which are controlled with a couple swipes on your smart phone from anywhere.

If you’re like most of us pet parents, we often wonder if our dog is active enough or maybe we fret because it seems like we’ve been dispensing treats too loosely lately. We want to keep our dogs as healthy and active as possible for as long as possible. Well, smart technology now allows us to keep tabs on our pets’ health and well-being on a whole new level. Fitness trackers, like FitBark, easily attach to a collar and monitors your dog’s daily activity level, calories burned, distance traveled and even quality of sleep. The nice thing about this device is it can be linked with your Fitbit, Apple’s Healthkit or Google’s Fit, so all the info for you and your dog is stored in the same place that you can access at any time.

So smart technology lets us stay connected to our pets when we’re away and track their fitness, what more could we possibly need for our beloved fur babies? How about technology that optimizes their sleep? Petrics’ Smart Pet Bed is just the thing. It features smart automatic and manual climate control to provide your pet the optimum resting state. The settings can be based on user preferences or based on breed, environment or geographic location. In addition to being able to control the bed’s settings with your smart phone, this bed can be synced with your other smart home devices, like Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home.

While smart technology may keep us virtually connected and more informed about our pets, nothing can replace the time we spend with them. It’s important not to let this new technology replace our quality time together, but merely be a supplement to what we already share.