Some of these are familiar and some are obvious, but it never hurts to have a refresher of poisons to your furry-friends.

Acetaminophen (pain relievers) – can cause liver damage
Batteries β€“ can cause ulcers in mouth and stomach
Chocolate β€“ can cause seizures or death
Detergents β€“ can cause ulcers in mouth and stomach
Antifreeze β€“ can cause kidney failure
Fertilizers β€“ can contain poisons like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, herbicides, pesticides – so keep your pets away
Grapes β€“ can cause kidney failure
Household Cleaners β€“ can cause ulcers and other problems
Insecticides β€“ (flea and tick products) make sure you are using dog insecticides on your dog and cat insecticides on your cat as well as the right amount. If used wrong these can cause seizures and difficulty breathing
Jimson Weed (plant) – respiratory failure
Kerosene β€“ can cause drooling and breathing problems
Lilies β€“ can cause heart problems and kidney failure 
Mothballs β€“ can cause seizures and vomiting
Onions β€“ can cause gastrointestinal upset
Macadamia nuts β€“ can cause vomiting and lethargy
Rodenticides β€“ can cause blood clotting or hemorrhaging 
Tobacco β€“ can cause vomiting, tremors or even death
Unbaked bread dough β€“ can expand in your pet’s stomach and the yeast can also lead to seizures
Windshield Wiper Fluid β€“ can cause low blood sugar
Xylitol (sugar-free sweetener) – think gum and toothpaste – can cause low blood sugar and liver failure
Grayanotoxin plants (Rhododendron) – can cause vomiting and seizures