CBD is everywhere nowadays! I literally see it when I go to my local drug store. It’s impressive how fast the CBD industry has grown, but you shouldn’t trust every brand. You want to make sure you are getting CBD from a reputable source. Only certain companies create a product that benefits your pet. At Hungry Hound, we do the research and triple-checking for you! We make sure our CBD comes from reliable sources, is safe, and is made properly so your pet receives the full benefits that CBD has to offer.

What are these benefits you may ask? OH, there are a ton so let me name a few!

I personally love using CBD for my dogs. All three of mine get CBD daily. Since they aren’t getting any younger (I call them my “senior crew”), I want to make sure they are getting what they need to feel comfortable every day through CBD. While my German Shepherd is technically part of the “senior crew,” she is mistaken for a puppy all the time, and I have a raw diet and her supplements including CBD to thank for that!

Anyway… How can CBD benefit your pet?

Does your dog have anxiety? I know my dogs experience anxiety - including separation anxiety. Even for the 4th of July, CBD comes in handy. I give them a couple drops an hour BEFORE any noises and by the time the fireworks come, they are all extremely calm. As they’ve aged, my chihuahuas have gained some extra anxiety as well, and daily CBD has helped keep them calm in stressful situations.

Epilepsy? Seizures? CBD has been known to help pets who struggle with these issues. In fact, some dogs have been able to come off their seizure meds completely by introducing CBD into their lives.

Pain and inflammation? One of my chihuahuas has a ton of arthritis. I can’t imagine a day without CBD for him. It makes him feel good enough to run around like a puppy! CBD is amazing for dogs who have aches and pains. Especially your senior pups.

CBD also has been known to help fight Cancer. All the benefits mentioned above allow CBD to work wonders for pets with Cancer.

Overall, CBD is an amazing supplement for your pet. It helps the whole body. That’s one reason I love using it with my dogs. CBD is right there to tackle any ailment they may have. If you are thinking of introducing CBD into your pet’s life, don’t think anymore - just do it! Your pet will graciously thank you for it. Just remember, not just ANY CBD is ok. There are way too many fakes out there. Stop in at Hungry Hound, and we can help you choose the right brand of oil or chews that will work best for your pet!