Does your old dog need some new tricks? Or maybe you’ve recently brought a new pet into the family that needs some refinement and training. Our beginner obedience classes are perfect to help you introduce basic skills and techniques to an old or new pet, as well as being a great mental and physical exercise to keep your pup fit and active!

Obedience training is valuable on a variety of levels. Yes, these courses will help teach your pet various commands and skills, but in addition there are several soft skills that both you and your furry friend can benefit from. For instance, being part of an obedience class can help your dog become more comfortable around other pets and owners, as well as strengthening the bond they have with you as their owner (and friend!).

If you’re new to dog ownership, this can also be the perfect opportunity for you to learn tips and tricks from other owners and experience trainers to make sure that your relationship is getting off on the right foot! This is also the perfect venue to learn and ask questions about your pet’s nutrition, health, and beyond, as well as gaining information on the types of tools and toys you need to make you and your dog’s lives easier and happier!

If you are interested in learning more about obedience classes, call or visit one of our Hungry Hound locations or join us on March 12thfrom 9-5pm at our 11th Anniversary Celebration at our St. John location for free “Meet the Trainer” sessions.

Our next Beginner Obedience Course begins February 24th and will run each Wednesday through March 23rd from 6-7p.m.