So, let’s talk allergies, and no I don’t mean your pets allergies… I mean yours! I know many people who are allergic to dogs but are dying to own one. Or people who recently adopted a dog and discovered they’re allergic. Did you know if your pet is on a high quality healthy pet food you could possibly no longer be allergic to your pet? This doesn’t apply to everyone, as everyone’s allergies are different, but I do know people who have done it and it worked! A close friend of mine was allergic to dogs for years. Every time she was around one her allergies would flare up horribly. She was always afraid to come to my house as I have 4 dogs of my own. Surprisingly, when she would visit she wouldn’t break out in hives or sneeze constantly. My dogs are fed raw and dehydrated foods, so they are super healthy. After some time she decided to get a dog of her very own! Once she got her puppy she instantly fed him a healthy diet and was able to be around him and no longer suffered from allergies. She now lives in a house with three dogs who thrive off a high quality healthy diet and is allergy free!

Now your question. How does switching your dog over to a more healthy biologically appropriate diet just rid people from their allergies? Most people when allergic to dogs are allergic to the dander and saliva from your pet.  Giving your dog foods he or she is biologically meant to eat helps your dog’s body become less inflamed which helps reduce allergenic saliva and dander coming from your pet.

There are dog breeds that are bred to be hypo-allergenic, but the truth is humans can become sensitive to any type of dog. So, if you’re thinking about getting a dog but possibly may be allergic or know someone who is suffering from allergies from their dog, do some research! Just by switching your dog over to a healthy diet it will not only help you, but it will help your dog and their allergies too! It can also help them live a longer, healthier life!

Obviously at Hungry Hound we carry many options of foods. Talk to one of the gals and we can point you in the right direction!