I am personally only a fan of snow one time of the year. Let it snow on Christmas, but after that, I’m good and ready for Spring! We are supposed to get a very snowy and cold winter this year, so I guess I’m going to have to stop being a scrooge and prepare for the cold! The question is: how can we protect our pets from the cold and snow?

My Shepherd LOVES the snow. We get a few inches and she’s outside running around like a maniac. It’s actually quite adorable to see how much joy it brings her. I know she’s not alone and many dogs LOVE the snow, but did you know dogs can get cold and their paws can hurt from the snow?

Boots are a great option for protecting your pet’s paws from the freezing cold and salt on the roads. That salt can be very dangerous if your dog happens to be exposed. If you aren’t sure if the salt you or those around you use is safe, then when you bring them inside always make sure to clean your pet’s paws. Wiping them down or even soaking them will ensure the salt isn’t still on their paws…Or you can use booties every time you go out and know they are safe!

At Hungry Hound, we carry a pet-safe salt you can use for your paths and driveways. It’s safe for pets to walk on and won’t cause any health issues for them.

Dog’s paws can also become extremely dry and cracked during this time. A good paw butter will help keep them moisturized. I pull out our trusty paw butter every year during this time, and I massage my pet’s paws a few times a week to prevent any uncomfortable, dry or cracked paw pads. We always have our paw butter in stock during this time, it’s life-changing! If you're dropping your dog off for their grooming appointment, you can even ask for them to get this butter on their paws as an extra service!

Do you have a pet that has very thin fur? Maybe they don’t have a double coat that can help keep them extra warm during this time. We always have TONS of jackets and hoodies that can help keep your pet warm. I have two chihuahuas, and when it gets very cold out they seem to struggle with the chill. In order to help keep them warm, we get their winter jackets on with their booties for added protection! It makes such a huge difference, and I can tell they are much more comfortable.

If your pet seems to get dry, flaky, itchy skin during the winter, there are a few things you can do. Adding a good, high-quality coconut oil like “Cocotherapy Triplex MCT-Oil” can really help keep their coats in great condition to avoid itchiness and dryness. Second, if you happen to be bringing your dog in for a grooming appointment and haven’t tried our “Body Butter,” then now is the time! Our “Body Butter” is always one of our best services, but during Winter it is definitely something we highly recommend. Our “Body Butter” is an extra deep moisturizing conditioner we let sit and soak on your pup for a few minutes. It helps soothe your pet’s coat. It even helps pull out any extra dead fur and leaves your pet’s skin and coat beautifully soft and moisturized!

This Winter make sure your pet is protected from the cold! Stop in and we can help you find the perfect jacket or hoodie. We’ll also help fit your pet for some cute booties!