This time of year, it doesn’t matter if your dog normally has nerves of steel… they’re going to need some help to relax while things explode around them. Not only can I not get my dog outside when the fireworks start, she sits inside and shakes, so I turned to some products to help her relax.   


Hemp Seed Oil vs CBD Oil – What’s the Difference?   

When it comes to calming products, you have several choices in ingredients. One of the most common questions we get is, “What is the difference between CBD and Hemp Seed Oil?” Since it is National Hemp Month, let’s discuss the differences and similarities between the two.   


Hemp Oil and CBD Oil are derived from the Cannabis Sativa plant.    

Hemp Oil is created made by pressing the seeds of the plant into an oil. There is no heat involved in this process, so the oil does not lose its nutritional value. CBD Oil is an extracted compound from the flowers, leaves and stalks of the plant. This process involves steaming the plant to separate the oil from the plant material.   


It’s important to note that neither contain THC, the compound that causes you to get high. Both can be used to treat inflammation, pain, and anxiety.   


Their Differences Come From How They Are Harvested   

Since Hemp uses a cold press technique, it has nutritional benefits while CBD has none. One of the things that Hemp is full of is Omega-3s. Omega-3s can help improve or stabilize joint health. They benefit the immune system. They are great for kidney and heart health and eases inflammation and pain. Studies have also shown that an increase in Omega-3s can help ease anxiety.   


CBD on the other hand has no nutritional benefit. In most dog supplements, its presence is to treat anxiety and depression because it interacts with their nervous system affecting how their moods are regulated. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that can assist with pain.   


So which should you choose?   

It depends on how and why you want to use it. Hemp focuses on a lot more issues than just anxiety and depression, so if your dog suffers from arthritis or any inflammatory issue, it would be the better choice. Anti-anxiety is almost a bonus to the other ailments hemp oil can treat. If you are looking for something exclusively for anxiety or depression and will use it sparingly, CBD is probably the better choice. It is shown to have a better effect on those issues than Hemp Oil and works quicker.   


Other Steps to Take   

This time of year is incredibly stressful for dogs, so along with a supplement to help them relax, there’s a couple more things you can do to ease anxiety.   

  • Leave your dog home – I know you want to spend some time with your dog because they are family, but it truly is best to simply leave them at home, especially if show any fear to loud noises or thunder.
  • Keep them in interior rooms – Keeping them away from windows lessens the noise and don’t forget that dogs have been known to jump through screens and glass windows/doors when they get frightened.
  • Utilize a sound machine or radio – I am always in the habit of turning on my sound machine or leaving on the radio for my dog. It stops her from hearing road noise or people walking by the house. This time of year, it helps to drown out the noisy booms that appear out of nowhere.


Watch this video for more information and how to keep your pet safe during the 4th of July season.   


Remember, if you have any questions, we are always happy to assist you. So keep calm and bark on friends!