Bringing your pup in for a spa day with us? Did you know we have many add-ons your pet can enjoy? Check it out!

Body Butter– One of my ALL TIME favorites. Literally, I couldn’t give my dogs a bath without it! Think of shampooing your hair and then putting the conditioner on…feels so much better doesn’t it? Imagine you had an ultra-rich deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair extra soft, silky, and easy to brush. It also helps prevent matting! Body butter is shea butter based. The colloidal oatmeal and herbs also help reduce itching and irritation. I promise, once you try it you won’t regret it! Here are a few benefits from our body butter:

*Idea for dogs with dry, damaged or long coats

*Leaves coat super silky and easy to brush through

*Creates an intense shine

*Helps combat itching and irritation

*Has a fresh clean scent (Rosemary Peppermint)

Blueberry Facial– Say what?! Did I say facial? Yes! Your dogs can get a facial at their spa day too! Your pet will enjoy the benefits and you will enjoy the sweet blueberry smell. The facial will help brighten, exfoliate, hydrate, and clean your pets face. It’s especially great for dogs who have tear staining; it can eliminate those irritating stains. Plus, our dogs are always in our faces constantly, right? Why not make their face smell great while they are ?

Teeth Brushing– Admit it, it’s hard to keep up with brushing our pet’s teeth. It’s very important that we do though! Let your groomer handle it. Our teeth brushing is a two-step process. First, we brush the teeth with all natural vanilla paste, so your pup will love it! Then we spray their teeth with an all-natural enzyme spray, it helps break down tarter and bacteria and it also makes their breath extra minty! We also sell this spray on our shelves, it’s easy and helps keep up in-between grooming!

Pawdicure– Does your pup have cracked, dry pads? Treat your pet to our moisturizing pawdicure treatment! First, we use a treatment on the pads and paws that contains a combination of soothing oatmeal and essential vitamins. It will help restore and renew your pet’s dry and damaged pads. It will also condition them, leaving them rejuvenated and refreshed! Then, we put on “paw butter” to help moisturize them a little extra! We all know their pads go through a lot, with hot pavement during the summer and cold ice, snow, and dangerous salts in the winter. Give your pet’s pads a little extra TLC during their grooms!

De-shedding– Are there tumbleweeds of dog hair all over your house? Noticing some extra hair all over your clothes? Bring your pet in to get the ultimate de-shed! Our de-shedding program is a 4-step process and helps reduce shedding by 90%! We remove loose dead undercoat and brush out the coat before bathing, during bathing, while blow-drying, and a final finish brush just before leaving. While in the bath we also use a conditioner to help remove loose hair as well. It takes a lot of work, but we get the job done- and done right! Most of the time it looks like it snowed dog hair in our grooming room, that’s how much hair we get out! It’s also great to keep up with it, especially during the shedding seasons. It will help keep your house cleaner so you’re not running around with the vacuum constantly!

Medicated shampoos– Allergies? Itchiness? Hot spots? Try our amazing medicated shampoos. Their extra sensitive for your pup’s ultra-sensitive skin. We have a peppermint tea tree for dry-itchy skin, or an oxy medicated for allergy relief. Talk to your groomer about your pets issues and they will help you choose the right one!

Dry Nose revitalizer– Is your poor pet’s nose all cracked and dry? Treat him to our dry nose revitalizer! It’s an herbal remedy used to prevent cracking, peeling, and adds sun protection! It’s definitely a must if your pet suffers from such issues.

Puppy Polish– Yes, we can paint your pet’s nails in fun, bright colors too! Just let your groomer know what color you’d like and they will do their best!

Fur Dye– Want a fun colored Mohawk? Or maybe a bright pink tail and ears? We can do it for you! Of course, our dye is completely safe and all-natural. Just let your groomer know what you’d like done and we will make your dog look awesome!

Massage– Every bath is never complete without a gentle, relaxing massage. Give your pet the full spa experience! It’s a 5-10 minute massage using essential oils. It’s great for sporting dogs, elderly dogs, or dogs with joint issues.

Scent of the Month– Every month we will have a new, refreshing shampoo and spritz. From Vanilla Latte to Pina Colada! Have your pet smell extra-great. Some of these scents are to die for! Make sure you ask your groomer what our scent of the month is. You don’t want to miss out! Especially around the holidays, your pet can smell like a peppermint stick for Christmas!

Treat your pet to the ultimate spa experience with us! Every groom of course comes with a bath, brush out, blow dry, hair trim (if needed), nail trim and file, ear cleaning, spritz, and bandana or bows!