While everyone is thinking about spring, I’m thinking about combating allergies. Did you know that you should start your fight against allergies in February? Yep, that’s right. You need to get a good 6 weeks of allergy fighting herbs into your pet (and yourself) BEFORE allergy season hits to get maximum results.

Allergies are an inflammation. There are many herbs you can chose to help fight the inflammation, which causes pain, and also herbs that block the histamines that cause the inflammation. I do not recommend using over the counter human drugs to stop dog allergies. They can not only harm the dog’s organs like the kidney and liver, but they are designed for humans, not canines, who have a very different DNA structure. There are also products to help balance out the immune system. Another great choice for the battle against allergies.

How do you tell what your dog is allergic to? Try a sensitivity test! Not nearly as complicated or expensive as a veterinarian version, we have a couple tests you can use that work off of a saliva and hair sample that will tell you what your dog may be reacting to. One of our tests covers everything from food to environmental triggers (like grass and dust).

Once you find out what your dog is sensitive to, you can work to eliminate those triggers from your dog’s life. If it is a food related sensitivity, simply try a different food. But if you are one of the pet parents that has a dog that is sensitive to his environment, like your carpet, it is going to take a little more work. Think of it this way-by eliminating most of the triggers in your pet, such as food sensitivities, you are freeing up his immune system “army” to fight against the environmental triggers.A bigger army fighting one allergen is much more effective than splitting up your army for lots of little battles!

Stop in today and pick up one of our tests.  They’re less than $80 bucks and well worth it!