Long-haired dog breeds often sport magnificent coats that require regular care and attention. However, as the summer heat sets in, it's essential to adjust your grooming routine to keep your furry friend comfortable and looking stylish.      

Some main tips are to maintain a regular brushing schedule! This is crucial for long-haired breeds year-round, but even more important in the summer. It helps remove loose hair, prevent mats and tangles, and allows air to circulate better to keep your dog cooler. Opt for a slicker brush, or a comb with wide-spaced teeth, and gently work through the coat to remove any knots or debris. Use detangling spray to help work through the tougher knots!   

Another tip is to trim for comfort! A summer trim is essential to helping your pup beat the heat. This can reduce excessive matting, slim down how long you spend brushing, and more. Be sure not to cut the coat too short to still protect your dog’s skin from the sun! Make sure your dog is bathed regularly that is suited for their skin type. Hungry Hound supplies a variety of shampoos for sensitive skin and that’ll keep your pup smelling good! Make sure you always keep fresh water available to your dog to help keep them hydrated and cool. Also, look for shaded areas for your dog to retreat to when it’s especially hot out. Apply dog friendly sunscreen to any areas of your dog that has less coverage from hair to prevent them from skin damage and sunburn!      

With just a few adjustments to your grooming routine, you can keep your long-haired dogs comfortable and stylish throughout the summer!