Got Milk? We do! We have milk coming out of our ears at all our locations all the time! Why? Goat Milk is full of nutrition, and we stand by how important it is to be added to your dog’s/cat’s daily diet. Goat Milk is so powerful because it contains billions of probiotics, enzymes, vitamins, minerals and fatty acids! If your pet has an illness/disease, then adding Goat Milk into your pet’s daily routine can help greatly. Looking for a multi-vitamin? Goat Milk! Allergies? Goat Milk! Digestion Issues? Goat Milk! I call Goat Milk a supplement, but once you start seeing your pet go absolutely nuts because of its tastiness it will be more like a delicious treat!   

We have a few different brands of Goat Milk, so let’s explain the differences.  


My favorite brand: Answer’s Pet Food. Why? Answer’s Pet Food products greatly differ from others because they are fermented. This means they have more probiotics, enzymes, vitamins and minerals than the rest. Being fermented makes it even more powerful than the other milks we carry.  


Next, we have Primal Pet Foods - another very high-quality raw milk made from humanely raised goats and they are blended with ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon to help combat a variety of ailments. Dogs and cats rarely have issues with a fermented product and even if they do, Primal Goat Milk is a great option for that. You can trust Primal Pet Foods knowing you are getting an amazing product for your pet.  


Open Farm Goat Milk also has all the same benefits as Primal, but they add a little twist to some of their milks, which I think is amazing! They have a few lines: “Digestion Blend” is made with organic superfoods such as chicory root and fennel to support the gut. There is also a “Relaxation Blend” made with chamomile, passionflower, and ginger to stimulate feelings of calm and relaxation. Another blend is the “Antioxidant Blend” which is packed with raspberries, blueberries, and spinach to promote a healthy immune system!   

All these brands can be rotated each time you come to the store! Why not give your pup a chance to try them all out? Variety is key! These milks can easily be added into your dog’s daily meals, or if you’re like me, mine get their milks in the late afternoon to enjoy separate from their normal meal (I call it “smoothie time”). Either way is perfectly fine!