Should the weather decide to cooperate, we should be experiencing warmer temperatures, sunny days and the dreaded tick and flea season! How can you take control of your house and your yard? We recommend these tips:

Vacuum! Your pet is probably bringing in a lot more than bugs (hello DIRT) so get into the habit of vacuuming regularly. Don’t forget to dispose of the dirt and debris found in your vacuum bag or canister. Empty it out and immediately discard it. These disgusting critters will climb right back out and invade your house and your animals.
Keep your home dry Invest in a dehumidifier if your house contains extra moisture. When it starts to really heat up this summer it is important to maintain a dry home. Extra moisture in the air creates a breading-ground for parasites.
Wash your bedding regularly This includes your bed AND your dog’s. Ticks and fleas love warm bodies, and where better to hide than in your bed? Toss your pillows, sheets and extra blankets in the washer and give them a good cleaning. Bonus: who doesn’t enjoy freshly cleaned sheets?

Cut your grass Keeping your lawn mowed is important. Fleas and ticks love long grass and shady spots. Hungry Hound carries a natural spray that kills preexisting fleas and ticks as well as prevents them from inhabiting your yard. The bottle hooks directly up to your hose so you can spray  your lawn easily.
Keep your bushes and shrubs trimmed It not only helps your house maintain it’s beauty, but the neater your shrubs are, the less places fleas and ticks can hide! Give them a good spray with our natural products too.
Rake leaves and trimmings Sorry, your work is not complete. After you mow, trim and even after storms – rake those leaves and trimmings. Again, a perfect habitat for these pesky critters to live.

Natural sprays/treatments Not only does Hungry Hound carry a spray for your lawn, but also a natural alternative that you put directly on your pet. Unlike other products that contain toxic chemicals – these products destroy fleas and ticks naturally.
Bathe your dog We also carry natural shampoos, sprays and conditioners to keep your pup clean and free of bugs. If your dog is too big to bathe at home, make an appointment with our groomers to keep bugs at bay.

Stop in to pick up some products to help your fight against fleas and ticks. And if you have questions about what to use for your pets, don’t hesitate to ask one of our friendly and knowledgeable associates.