Hey there friends! Guess what time of the year it is? That's right—time to spring forward! While we humans might be adjusting our clocks, have you ever wondered how our furry friends handle this time warp? Well, fear not! Today, we're diving into the world of helping our pups transition smoothly from Standard time to Daylight Savings!   

Gradual Adjustment is key! Adjust your dog’s meal times by 10-15 minutes every couple of days to help their bodies and biological clocks sync with the new clock schedule. Slightly adjust exercise/walk times to match the new daylight hours and help them adjust to the shifting sun. Same thing with bedtime! Move it 10-15 minutes earlier or later to compensate and nudge them into a new sleep routine.   

This consistency of a dog’s routine is absolutely vital! Keep playtime, snuggles, and other quality moments as consistent as possible to make them feel secure and loved. Be mindful of regular potty breaks, as the clock can mix up your schedule as much as theirs. Patience is always a virtue! It might take your furry friend to adjust fully, so just be patient and understanding.   

Keep an eye out for any behavioral, appetite, or sleep changes. This might be a gauge for whether or not you’re moving too slow/fast through the routine changes.   

With a dash of patience, routine, and a whole lot of love, this transition will be over in no time! Here’s to happy tails, peaceful snoozes, and a seamless transition into the new time zone!