So, what’s so great about Curcumin (Tumeric)? A TON of things! Curcumin is an orange spice which some of us cook with! But did you know if you added to your dog’s food it can really benefit them!?

The prime ingredient in Curcumin acts as a natural pain reliever for dogs. It is a very powerful anti-inflammatory, especially for dogs with arthritis or joint issues. It is a great pain management supplement for your dog. Another benefit of Curcumin is its ability to detoxify the body, purify the blood, stimulate bile production in the liver, and if applied to wounds it will cleanse and stimulate recovery. It can also help treat diarrhea, and other stomach issues. Think that’s it? I’m not done!

Does your pet have Cancer? Curcumin has anti-cancer properties! There are new reports claiming that Curcumin can help fight against cancer. It’s a powerful antioxidant. Instead of chemo, which destroys all good and bad cells. Curcumin only goes after the bad cells and leaves the good cells.

Also, if your dog has liver issues, Curcumin is your best answer! Because of our environment, our pets are exposed to harmful toxins every day. The liver removes waste and toxins from the body, stores energy, and plays a role in digestion. The liver is something you would want to make sure is performing at its best at all times. Curcumin helps boost the livers ability to metabolize fat and remove waste from the body.

Curcumin can provide and support a healthy immune system, this is especially important with the Canine Flu going around. It would be a great idea to add to your pet’s diet now to help prevent your pup from even catching it.

Here are a few more things this magical supplement can do:
• Aid in the treatment of epilepsy
• Relieve allergies
• Prevention of cataracts
• Anti-fungal
• Anti-bacterial
• Kills parasites
• High in fiber
• Rich in vitamins and minerals

So, if you are thinking what I’m thinking (that this supplement does it all!) then you should try it out yourself! We have it stocked on our shelves now.