Summer in my world means freaked out dogs.  My goodness there is so much to bark at!  Kids riding bikes, countless people walking dogs, lawn maintenance and fireworks.  All extremely loud, scary, and possibly irritating to my dog Trixie.  I’ve found a few things that take the edge off enough that she’s not traumatized for days and I haven’t had to move to rural Indiana for peace and quiet.

First, we have the Vetriscience Composure calming chews.  Give her one chewable, and she calms down similar to you drinking a glass of wine (not me, I’m a lightweight).  Two chews and she’s even better.  It’s not scary sedating like drugs can be and I’ve researched the ingredients to death so I’m absolutely confident they’re safe.  This one is a tried and true great option.

Second, we have the new Barkworthies Pumpkin Cannabidiol treats shown above with our lovely model Stella.  Stella & Trixie are both anxious girls, Stella not really caring for change and Trixie is afraid of everything and cranky about it.  I started giving Trix these CBD oil treats when we got them in because she had been hiding behind the couch and under the bed for weeks.  Poor kid, that’s not the way to live.  Anyway, I gave her one treat twice a day and Lookie-Loo, she’s out and interacting with the family!  *An added bonus to any of the CBD oil supplements is that it also reduces inflammation and pain.  Kibo takes these for his arthritis and he’s a totally different dog.  His limping is gone, he walks with us every morning, and plays in the yard numerous times a day.

If your dog is a scaredy-cat in general I highly recommend the Calm Shen supplement.  This is like the equivalent to an herbal Prozac, which needs to be given daily and will build up in the system.  Calm Shen has been described as making dogs “Just more comfortable in their own skin”.  I agree, Quinn my Newdle takes this daily and when I run out he’s a pacing, circling, barking maniac.  Calm Shen has made my life easier time and time again.