Elk and Deer antlers are long lasting chews with so many health benefits.  Hungry Hound sells both split and whole antlers.  We recommend split antlers for dogs trying them for the first time and also for puppies and seniors and find whole antlers to be perfect for aggressive chewers.  Both are great for scraping tarter from your pet’s teeth and give your dogs plenty of chewing enjoyment.

Antlers start out as layers of cartilage and slowly mineralize into bone.  They are a natural source of the following essential minerals:

–  Collagen:  good for bones, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage

–  Glucosamine: good for joints and tissue

–  Calcium:  benefits bones and teeth

–  Iron:  Essential for healthy blood cells

–  Potassium:  Good for nerve and muscle function

–  Magnesium:  Aids in storing and releasing energy

–  Phosphorus:  Benefits bones and teeth

–  Lipids:  Essential for growth and development


Chewing on antlers wil not only give your dog a healthier coat but can also aid in kidney function, improve wound healing, and they clean your dogs teeth!  These odor free, 100% natural chews will not splinter or chip and never contain harmful dyes or preservatives.  As with all treats, please supervise your dog when they are enjoying antlers and make sure the antler is the apropriate size for your dog.  We are happy to help you select just the right one.  This is rare… if you’ve got an antler and your dog is not interested in it, try rubbing the antler with sandpaper and then smearing it with peanut butter OR you can try soaking the antler in water or bouillon over night.