CBD has been a big topic of discussion over the last few years. There are some important things to know when it comes to purchasing CBD. There are SO many places that carry CBD now, it is more concerning than convenient. When you purchase CBD, do you know where your CBD is coming from? Do you know if it’s effective? When products start “trending,” companies create whatever they can to get your attention to buy their product, even if it’s completely fake. I can’t tell you how many companies popped up with CBD for pets when it all started, and most of them did not meet our standards. Why? Even the way CBD is processed is important. If it’s processed incorrectly, the body will not absorb it properly and you will receive no benefits and will be wasting your money.     

At Hungry Hound we do the research and testing for you! We are HUGE believers in CBD. In-fact, most of us currently use it on our own pets. I have 4 dogs and they get CBD daily. One of our dogs has an auto-immune disability which causes joint issues and puts her at risk for seizures. CBD helps all her ailments. Her vet and I believe CBD is the reason she hasn’t had any seizures. My oldest dog also gets CBD daily. He is 11 years old, and CBD really helps his joints and any aches or pains he may have. I can tell it makes him feel better. Unfortunately, he doesn’t do well with the oil, so I give him chews instead.    

CBD is great for anxiety and any stressful situations. It benefits the heart, digestive system, joints, brain (helps seizures), and so many other things. It is literally your all-in-one supplement!   

We carry only the highest quality brands - knowing they will work. So please don’t go to your local Convenience Store believing their CBD can benefit your pet like something we carry. Stop in Hungry Hound and see for yourself! Your pet will thank you for it!