Does your dog get carsick? Some dogs, just like humans, have issues with the motion in a car and will vomit or be uneasy during car rides. Some dogs are stressed and nervous because they are worried about the ultimate destination (think vet, nail trims, boarding).

Your pooch may not vomit, but may still suffer from carsickness or motion sickness. Tell-tale signs of sickness in your car are: constant yawning, drooling or whining, general uneasiness, listlessness and of course vomiting (even after you arrive to your destination).

Help ease your pet during and after car rides. Here are a few tips:

-Don’t feed your dog just before you leave. This could increase vomiting. However, if you notice your dog is still vomiting stomach bile, a handful of food may actually calm his/her stomach. 
-Move your dog’s crate or car seat around your car. The placement of your pooch may ease the stress. Some dogs enjoy being in the back of an SUV, smaller dogs may enjoy their crate on the floor – looking at the driver, other dogs enjoy the backseat of a car. 
-Roll down your window. We don’t encourage your dog to stick his head out the window, but a little fresh air for your pooch may help.
-Long trip? Stop every hour or two to walk your dog. Not only will this be a great stretch for your legs, but it’ll help your pooch get “grounded” after being in motion for such a long time.
-Calming chews or a Thundershirt. If all else fails, calming supplements and shirts about a half hour before you leave can do wonders. Since a lot of dogs experience the stress of a car-ride this should not only ease their stomach, but ease their mind.