Have you become a plant Mom like I have this Summer and filled your home with so many beautiful plants? 1 plant turns into 5, then 5 becomes 8, and suddenly you have 50 plants. I don’t understand how it happened, but it happened. I call it "plant math". All that matters is that IT’S SO MUCH FUN!

There are a lot of plants that are toxic to our pets - especially indoor plants. I currently have a few I didn’t even know could hurt my pets. Thankfully my dogs don’t care about my plant obsession and leave them alone.

Below are a few plants that are SAFE for your pets and help purify the air!

-          Spider Plants- One of my absolute favorite plants! Also, one of my first. Spider Plants are safe for pets if accidentally ingested. 

-          Boston Fern- I have been looking EVERYWHERE for this plant. No luck so far, but I’ll find one soon! In the meantime, these plants are perfectly safe for your pets.

-          Prayer Plant- One of my favorites, but also my most stubborn plant. Truly, she’s very sassy. I’m happy to report prayer plants are safe for your pet.

-          Money Tree- I just got one of these babies, and I am SO excited. They definitely look like a little baby tree, so as tempting as it may be for your pup, it’s okay! They are safe in case your dog wants to get a little curious.

-          Friendship Plant- I don’t own one of these yet, but they are on the list of perfectly safe plants for your pet!

Now unfortunately there are some plants that can be toxic to your babies. If you own some of these, try to keep them away from your pet. If you cannot, best to train your pets to stay away from them.

-          Weeping Fig- These guys can get pretty big. I do not own one of them, but they are beautiful! Unfortunately, their beauty can come with a price if you have pets. They can cause dermatitis from skin contact with the plant. If ingested they can cause excessive drooling and vomiting.

-          Lilies- They are so beautiful, but can be very dangerous to your pets. Cats are more sensitive to these plants. If ingested, these plants can cause serious issues with your pet. Best to keep your fur babies far away from these guys!

-          Aloe Vera Plant- These plants have SO many benefits for us and our pets. What’s inside these plants is incredibly beneficial, but the leaves on the outside can cause some digestive issues if ingested.

-          Ivy- I think we can all agree ivy is gorgeous, and it’s become extremely popular. I have many, but the bad thing is that they can be dangerous to our pets. Your pet can experience a rash or breathing problems if eaten. Sometimes, side effects can be much worse.

-          ZZ Plant- I actually own on of these. I heard how hard they were to take care of, so I had to take on the plant Mom challenge! These guys can be dangerous for our pets, though. They can cause some pretty uncomfortable reactions including vomiting and diarrhea.

These are just a few examples. If you are unsure whether your plant is pet safe or not, the best you can do is research! Especially if your pup is extremely curious about your indoor plants. As always, if your pet has ingested a plant and you’re unsure if it’s safe or not, it’s always best to see your vet. Better safe than sorry. Happy Planting!