It’s probably not your favorite thing to do, OR your canine friend’s, but it needs to be done. Bad breath isn’t just a sign that your dog ate the cat food…it could mean serious problems. No matter what the big brand dog food companies try to tell you, dry dog food does NOT clean their teeth. That’s like saying that eating potato chips cleans ours. Just because it’s crunchy, doesn’t mean it’s “cleaning.”

Some dogs have more tarter build up than others, and if you are feeding raw bones, brushing your dogs teeth and sometimes providing a dental chew, you may not have to worry so much. But bad breath can mean that your dog has gingivitis. Do you notice swollen or inflamed gums? Maybe they are bright red and purple? This is a bacterial infection in the gums and slowly destroys the “support” of the teeth (i.e. gums). Infections in the mouth can also start to damage the heart, kidneys, and liver!

Avoid these issues AND high vet bills by simply starting a good teeth cleaning regime. Hungry Hound carries a number of items to help clean teeth and fight bad breath: sprays, pastes, chews, even water additives!

Should you want to start brushing at home here are a few tips:

1) start slow – brush a few teeth at a time, gradually working your way up to your pooch’s entire mouth.
2) invest in the right brush – soft bristled with a long handle works best or even a finger brush
3) get the right paste – make sure it’s paste designed for dogs (human paste can be harmful)
4) enzymes – products with antibacterial enzymes help destroy unwanted bacteria

Don’t forget, we offer teeth brushing in our grooming salon!