Back to School time and fall can mean a lot of changes in your family’s schedule. This can also bring on anxiety and stress for your dogs. It’s often this time of year that children become busy with not only school and homework, but sports and after-school activities. Fall is also a busier time for work and everyone is spending less time at home with Fido. You can often see changes in your dog with destructive behavior and even signs of depression. Here are some of our recommendations to ease your dog into a less stressful routine:

#1 Curb Their Boredom – If no one is home to play with your furry-friend, make sure they are occupied with interesting toys while they are alone. Orbee-Tuff has a great interactive treat dispenser/toy called the Snoop. Watch a video of the Snoop in action HERE. Don’t forget that your dog needs regular exercise as well. Set some time aside to play with your dog and take him/her for regular walks.

#2 Create a Routine – Dogs are creatures of habit. Try to create a scheduled routine with meal times, play time, walks and even snuggle time. Your dog will thank you for it. Gradually make changes when it comes to their routine, and try not to make big changes while their schedule is changing, like changing their food or introducing other animals to the house. This can lead to extra stress.

#3 Prevent Separation Anxiety – If you know you will be leaving your dog home for extended periods of time, slowly build up the dog’s time alone. We also have a number of natural remedies to relieve stress on your pooch. Natural tablets like Calm Sheen, Calming chews by Pet Naturals and the Thundershirt have all helped reduce stress on a number of our clients at Hungry Hound.

#4 Training – Back to school is the perfect time to sign up for Obedience Classes or to work on training at home. This creates special one-on-one bonding time with you and your pet and also offers mental stimulation.