Ah, August… the buses are running, teachers are stressed, parents are rejoicing, and the kids are back in school. And your dogs? They’re now missing their best friends in the whole world that spent the entire summer with them on the couch, running around outside and swimming in the pool.

Dogs can get easily bored and unfortunately, that can result in mischievous behavior. They begin looking for things to stimulate themselves and that can quickly turn destructive or at a minimum very annoying. So how do you keep your fur-kids from chewing on your favorite pair of shoes? Here are some tips to help.


A Tired Dog is a Happy Dog
We all dream of being able to nap all day, and dogs are no different. In fact, that’s every dog’s goal. However, dog’s need to burn off all their excess energy to make that happen. That’s why morning walks are super important, especially for working breeds. How long the walk lasts depends on the age, health, and breed of your pet, as well as their overall energy level. Basically, if the dog is still going strong, keep going.

Making the Great Escape
Once you’ve burned off their energy, you’ll need to exit the house without getting your pup over-excited again. One of the best ways to do that is to give them a treat right before you leave that will keep them interested and focused while you leave the house. Interactive puzzle toys are perfect for this. The dog knows there is a treat within the toy, and they will have to work to retrieve it. Lick mats with frozen puree, bone broth, dog food, and the like, are also an excellent tool to keep your dog busy. Bonus points – licking releases endorphins which helps your dog feel more relaxed.

Giving Play Options Other Than Your Throw Pillows
The walk and interactive treat will probably keep your fur-kid asleep for the majority of the morning and possibly into the afternoon, but there’s a great chance that they’ll wake up before you and your kids arrive home again. That’s where a nice selection of toys will help.

According to my chihuahua, a dog can never have too many toys, but too many options at once can be an issue. Just like last year’s Christmas toys, dogs can get bored with the same old thing every day. The good news is that they can forget their boredom if they haven’t seen the toy in a couple of days. Obviously, if they have a favorite toy, always give them access to it, but for the rest, keep a couple different types out at a time and put the remainder away. Rotate the toys every day so they have a different experience each day you’re gone.


So beat the boredom with morning exercise, interactive treats and toys to keep them occupied. Your favorite pair of shoes will thank you!