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Hungry Hound Boutique & Grooming Pack Members Offer Amazing Customer Service & Product Knowledge

The staff at Hungry Hound Boutique & Grooming is committed to continually learning more about pet care, products, and nutrition so we can provide you with the best products and services around.

Meet Our Team

Ali Patterson

Grooming Since: 2017 Pets at home: Dog: Fauna- Borzoi Dog: Buster Blaze-Dashshund Horse: Buckles What makes Hungry Hound Special? It's a great environment for both dog & groomer with the personalized salon. Grooming Pro Tip: Always use a comb to check your work after brushing Dont for get to add a bow!

Angelica Powers

Grooming Since: 2020 Pets at home: Looking to adopt a new one What makes Hungry Hound Special? Kindness, everyone works with each other and will make you feel comfortable and at home. Grooming Pro Tip: Take your time, while being patient Always keep a positive attitude

Ashley Sokolowski

Grooming Since: 2015 Pets at home: 2 Cats 1 Dog What makes Hungry Hound Special? Everyone is friendly and we act like a family. Grooming Pro Tip: Brushing & combing on a regular basis & making your grooming appointments consistent lets you keep the hairstyle you like on your pet.

Edie Robinson

Grooming Since: 1998 Pets at home: 4 cats 2 Pitties 1 Jack Rat mix 1 Shi tzu mix What makes Hungry Hound Special? The individual appointments so each dog can have special attention Grooming Pro Tip: Patience and begin grooming as soon as possible and if possible stay with the same groomer.


Grooming Since: 2012 Pets at home: Dog: Minni -Frenchie Cat: Krunchi Siamese What makes Hungry Hound Special? Focusing on one appointment at a time to give each pet a great experience Grooming Pro Tip: Be patient and kind to your pups

Jenna Clark

Grooming Since: 2019 Pets at home: Dog: Pudge -Pit Pig: Pork Chop Guinea Pig: Bugsy What makes Hungry Hound Special? The Relationships you build with staff & clients is unbeatable Grooming Pro Tip: Patience is virtue. Maintaining & working with your pet by brushing and training your pet will help build your bond & make their time enjoyable here.

Samantha Sarate

Grooming Since: 2009 Pets at home: 2 cats, Ario & Poppy 1 dog Brantley What makes Hungry Hound Special? The stress-less approach we take to make all our guests feel safe & comforted while they are here. Grooming Pro Tip: Always add on the body butter! It has great benefits for the skin & coat plus it smells fantastic!

Taylor Langford

Grooming Since: 2018 Pets at home: Dog: Buddy-Boxer What makes Hungry Hound Special? We don't just groom, we build relationships. Grooming Pro Tip: Brush their coats to keep their fur and skin healthy and clean.

Tiffany Malinak

Grooming Since: 2004 Pets at home: Dog: Pitbull Dog: Whippet Ball Python Syrain Hampster Fish Turtles What makes Hungry Hound Special? They take care of their employees & customers with a kind & friendly attitude I love how they sell raw food options Their associates are very knowledgeable about their products. Grooming Pro Tip: Maintaining coats between grooming. Always use a comb & Slicker when brushing. Patience

Megan Miller

Grooming Since: 2015 Pets at home: Remi-Belgain malnois Kimber-Doberman Ellie-Cat What makes Hungry Hound Special? We truly treat your pets as our own. All products use are all natural and gentle on your pets. We minimize crate time and put every effort to give your pet the best spa experience. Grooming Pro Tip: Groomers at Hungry Hound have your pets' best interest at heart. When we give advice or recommend products, its genuine :)

Rebekah Mongold

Grooming Since: 2017 Pets at home: Dog: Piper puggle What makes Hungry Hound Special? Hungry hound is a team oriented salon, Everyone helps everyone! We care about the dogs safety above all else which is very important! Grooming Pro Tip: Brush your dog between grooms regularly trim your dogs nails to keep them short & healthy

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