I think we can all agree, dogs’ lives are way too short. Sometimes it’s hard for me to think about the fact that ALL of my dogs are considered “seniors”. Especially when one of my dogs still acts and looks extremely young. Not even one grey hair on her. It’s crazy! She’s a German Shepherd, and she’s 8 years old now, but I personally don’t consider her a senior yet, because health-wise, she isn’t. I have her diet and supplements to thank for that, though.

Anyway, have you considered adopting a senior? I think it’s one of the best ways we can give back. It’s incredibly heartwarming to open your home to a senior pet who may have been given up on. It’s so hard to understand that people do it, but it does happen. Unfortunately, old dogs don’t move and act the way they use to, and some people just don’t want to deal with it. Sometimes their owners pass and family doesn’t want to take them. There are SO many reasons seniors end up in shelters and rescues. What I can say, is they don’t deserve to live their last weeks, months, maybe years left in a shelter. Seniors deserve love and care until their very last moments. If you have the space, time, and love to care for a senior, you won’t regret opening your home to one! If this is something you’re looking for, check your local rescues and shelters. They always have old souls waiting for their next loving home to take them on. It’s a hard thing to do getting attached to them knowing you won’t have that much time, but it will be worth every heartbreaking moment - I promise!

At Hungry Hound, we carry tons of supplements that can help your senior pet out as well. They can help make them comfortable with their aches and pains with arthritis, dementia, you name it! Here are a few products:


Wisdom is developed for cognitive support. It is designed to support normal nerve conduction, memory recall, and oxygen utilization by the brain. The ingredients help maintain your dog’s mental well-being by supporting and maintaining proper cognitive function and overall quality of life. These ingredients include: L-Carnitine, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Ginkgo Biloba, Branched-Chain Amino Acids, and DHA Gold.


CBD is perfect for any anxiety and helps profusely with arthritis that brings aches and pains. Especially if the pet is having trouble moving around. If your pet comes with any medical issues as well, like cancer, CBD is a perfect addition.

Hip & Joint Supplements:

We have a ton of choices at Hungry Hound. Adding a Hip & Joint supplement to your pet’s diet will also help with any arthritis and joint issues.


Spector supports normal eye function. Senior dogs need extra help with their eyes as they age. Especially if they have forms of cataracts.  With zinc, vitamin C, and antioxidants including lutein from marigolds, this supplement helps fight off free radicals and reduce oxidative stress. A great way to promote long-term ocular health!

Probiotics & Digestive Enzymes:

As pets get older, their bodies need a little extra help, especially when it comes to digesting their food. Adding a digestive enzyme will help ensure they are getting all nutrients from their foods and adding a probiotic will also help any digestive issues with loose stool.

These are just a few supplements that can greatly help improve a senior's life. If you currently have a senior or are thinking of adopting one, these options are a great start! Now, go out there and look for your new best friend!