Do you enjoy the outdoors? There is so much to see and do! Plus, I bet your pet would LOVE to go on adventures with you. Camping is literally one of my favorite things. So much so, that my husband and I and our 3 dogs are camping the ENTIRE season. Literally, never leaving our camper until November. Now, being further away from my trusty Hungry Hound meant I needed to prepare while we are gone! 

Here are some things I grabbed to make sure we had everything we need while camping: 

       Lickimats! I know I can never say enough about them, but man do they always come in handy. Memorial weekend was pretty busy here at our campground. On top of that, they had fireworks over the lake. Unfortunately, I have two dogs who do NOT enjoy fireworks, and our camper does not block noises well. To help keep them calm, I decided to go on long walks throughout the day, and when we got back they got to enjoy lickimats. These really helped distract them from all the noises going on outside. I also gave them some CBD oil just before the lickimats. This really helped them relax. I can honestly say it made a huge difference! They slept the entire night. No one even moved. It was wonderful! 


       My dogs are raw fed. I can鈥檛 just stock up easily on kibble for a while and be all set. You can say my pups are a little spoiled, and we ended up purchasing their OWN freezer for our camper and we stocked up on raw for a few months. BUT, I do have many backup plans. Freeze-dried is always my go-to and so easy to feed! Especially if you're going for a quick weekend trip. Freeze-dried is the best to bring-a-long!  


       Poop bags! Poop bags! Poop bags! Please be gracious and pick up after your pups! I swear I go through so many poop bags, it鈥檚 crazy! Earth Rated makes wonderfully scented poop bags. I ALWAYS have them with me since we go on many adventures. 


       If you do go on long walks, especially in the heat, water bottles are a must! I have this amazing water bottle Hungry Hound carries that you easily unlock, squeeze, and your dog drinks from the top. It鈥檚 so easy to carry along, and my dogs can easily get a quick drink if we鈥檙e gone for a while. 


       Wipes! Recently we went on a good trail, but it rained for days beforehand and it was definitely full of mud. My dogs ended up getting pretty muddy. While my shepherd ran for the lake to cool off and clean herself, she was still pretty dirty when we came back. Wipes are my BEST friend here since we鈥檙e constantly outdoors and she is always getting dirty somehow. I always have wipes with me to clean her off before she comes in our camper. Not to mention, my chihuahuas who are closer to the ground tend to get dirty easily just by walking around. Hehe. 


       Treats! I have so many treats. Basically, we鈥檙e in a new place, which means training non-stop. My dogs need to know boundaries on our lot so they know not to run off, but when we first got here we had to practice our recall. I like to be respectful and teach my dogs to stay on our lot. No one wants accidental dog fights! Plus, long walks sometimes make me hungry and I could imagine my dogs are the same, so it鈥檚 always good to have treats with you. We carry amazing energy bars for dogs - they are literally perfect to bring along! 

       Flea Products!! Bug's are everywhere, but thankfully we have great products to help keep your pet and YOURSELF protected! I use Earth Animal's Daily Herbal Internal Powder in my dog's meals. Every year that we camp I have used this product and never had any issues with fleas or ticks! Plus, my dog's actually like it. I have a super picky chihuahua and when I add this into his food he gobbles it up! I also use Mosquito Barrier. Since we are here for a long time, we sprayed our lot with Mosquito Barrier and it made such a huge difference! Now not only are my dogs double protected, but we also protect ourselves as well! With these two combinations, it has already been a nice bug-free summer!

       Don鈥檛 forget to bring some amazing toys to keep your pet busy outside too! Especially if you plan on taking your dog in the water somewhere. There are a ton of great floating toys you can bring along. 

These are some of my tips for taking your pups camping with you this year!