Use these techniques recommended by the American Kennel Club for trimming your furry-friend’s nails; but first, make sure you have the right tools. Hungry Hound has different sizes of clippers for any size dog.

Step One: Being careful not to squeeze your dog’s paw, pick up one paw and firmly but gently place your thumb on the pad of the toe, and your forefinger on the top of the toe on the skin above the nail. Push your thumb slightly up and backward on the pad while pushing your forefinger forward. It will help extend the nail.

Step Two: Clip the tip only, straight across. The nail should just skim the floor – if you hear clicking they are probably too long. Avoid clipping past the curve of the nail, or you risk hitting the quick. A nick there is painful and will cause bleeding. It’s harder to see the quick on darker nails, so clip only the hook-like part of the nail that turns down.

Step Three: Give your pup’s paws a quick look-over, make sure the pads aren’t dry and cracked and their are no foreign objects in between the pads and toes. A quick wipe after your dog comes in from outside will help remove unwanted debris and/or chemicals (Did your neighbor just spray his lawn? Was there salt or de-icer on the sidewalk?)

Still too worried about trimming yourself? Or does your dog “not let me touch his nails?” Both our Hobart and St. John locations accept walk-ins for nail trims.