Coconut Oil Ice Cubes


As much as my dogs LOVE coconut oil, I thought it would be fun to make coconut oil ice cubes for them.  Soft, flexible food-grade silicone ice cube trays make small sized cubes that are perfect for dog treats.  We are always raving about the health benefits of giving coconut oil to your pets and it makes me so happy to see my dogs begging for a spoonful after their morning meal.  And now I have another way to give them coconut oil – Coconut Cubes!   

Try this cool, fun way to deliver an incedibly healthy supplement that your dogs will ONLY know as a treat.  I always advise using a coconut oil made especially for dogs like what is sold at Hungry Hound.  Because my oil was in a more solid state in the jar, I put some coconut oil in a microwave safe, pyrex measuring cup for 10 second increments, stirring inbetween, until my oil was in a liquified state.  Then I poured it into the ice cube tray.  How easy is that!! 


Remember… when it comes to treats, giving a moderate amount is your best practice.  The jar of oil gives a recommendation of how much coconut oil to feed you dog daily.  Most pet owners I know give anywhere from a half-teaspoon to one tablespoon of oil per day.  First timers should start with the lesser amount. 



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