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There have been a couple recalls this weekend of product by brands that we carry – Northwest Naturals and Vital Essentials. Neither recall affects anyone who has purchased these products at Hungry Hound. Remember, if there is a recall for product that either of my stores carries someone will be calling you on the phone (granted you’ve given us your number) and letting you know that you have purchased an affected product. As always, I watch these recalls closely and make decisions on product accordingly. If I don’t feel safe feeding it to my dogs, I’m certainly not going to ask you to feed it to yours!


Northwest Naturals is recalling 5lb chubs (we don’t carry these) of Chicken and Salmon for dogs that were produced in December 2016. I can’t imagine a reason why anyone would hold frozen meat for over a year, but just in case you have some, check your lot numbers. You can read more information here:

Vital Essentials is recalling 1lb bags (we don’t carry these either) of freeze dried beef for dogs. I don’t see anything posted on the Vital Essentials website at quick glance, but you can read more information here:

If you have questions or concerns about either of these products or vendors, please feel free to call me anytime. I’m here to help!

On a side note, Blue Buffalo is being bought out by General Mills. If you’re feeding this product and would like some alternative options, stop in and see one of our well trained nutrition specialists. We can help you pick out a food that is the perfect fit!


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  1. Ginny Mitamura 8 months ago

    Hi Shelly,
    What do you think about the recent discovery that Acana & Origen Dog Food contain toxic ingredients? We were just going to try Origen for our Yorkie puppy, “Maisie” when we heard about this. Makes you wonder if ‘any’ dog kibble is safe! Thanks!

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